'Mahatma Gandhi and World Peace', is a new exhibition of 75 artworks on display at the Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi. Shown here is the work of painter Arun Suryawanshi.
Contribution to the exhibition 'Mahatma Gandhi and World Peace' by painter Arun Suryawanshi.

Modern Art

Performing Arts

  •  SAMMY! The word that broke an empire  (old website)
    A play in two acts about Mahatma Gandhi's life and work.
    Written by Partap Sharma; directed by Lillete Dubey; performed by Primetime Theatre Company, Mumbai
  • Mahaprayan (The Last Journey; Hindi)
    A play about Mahatma Gandhi's life and work.
    Written by Bharat P. Yagnik; performed by Kala Niketan, Rajkot
    Opera that tells the story of how Mahatma Gandhi developed the philosophy of satyagraha, nonviolent active resistance.
    Music by Philip Glass; performed by The English National Opera, London, in April 2007 and by the MET, New York, in April 2008.
  • The Mahatma And The Poetess
    Reading performance on the letters exchanged between Mahatma Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu.
    Concept, direction and presentation by Tom Alter and Mrinalini V. Sarabhai
  • Gandhi Mantra
    Magic show on Gandhi's ideals: truth, peace, nonviolence, self-purification, communal harmony, abstinence from alcohol, education of women and children, and realisation of self-reliant villages.
    Performed by Gopinath Muthukad
  • MAHADEVBHAI (1892-1942)
    Play based on the daily diary of Gandhi's secretary, Mahadev Desai
    Written and directed by Ramu Ramanathan; produced and performed by Jaimini Pathak
    Dance ballett about scenes from Gandhi's life.
    Choreographed and directed by Sachin Shanker, performed by Sachin Shankar Ballet Unit, Mumbai
  • Gandhi, the Musical
    Musical about Mahatma Gandhi by Mark Boode (script), Theo Roos (songwriter) and Yorick Baltus (composer); premiere in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, on 30 January 2008
  • Nothing but the Salt
    Storytelling programme about Gandhi's salt satyagraha.
    Written and performed by Vayu Naidu; directed by Chris Banfield